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Established in 1991, the Korea Association of Defense Industry Studies (KADIS) has grown to be one of the most active organizations focused on studying and assisting defense industry in Korea. With continuous development of the national defense capabilities over the years, KADIS has also grown significantly in its size and level of contribution to advancement of Korea's defense industry.

Today, KADIS has over fifty senior-level defense professionals participating in the organization's management as board members. In 2010, the Central branch of the Association was established in the Daejeon area and we plan to establish a Southern branch in the near future. Furthermore, the Journal of the Korea Association of Defense Industry Studies, which is a biannual journal published by KADIS, has been selected as a candidate journal to become a listed research journal recognized by the National Research Foundation.

As part of our effort to provide opportunities for professional networking and intelligent discussion by defense industry experts, KADIS hosts a major conference once a year as well as in-depth issue seminar and quarterly breakfast policy forums. Our professional conferences and forums have produced many useful policy and management-related recommendations, as well as expert insights, for both the Korean government and defense companies and we are very proud of such achievements.

Celebrating our twentieth anniversary, KADIS has declared 2011 as the beginning year of the second phase development with more ambitious goals to contribute to advancing our national defense industry. As the first step of this effort, we plan to contribute to nurturing defense industry experts by working with a major university in Korea to establish a degree program in defense industry studies.

Our research effort will be focused primarily on three objectives. First, to help Korean defense companies to enjoy independent business management under minimum government control, we will focus on studying the paradigm shift in defense industry management. Second, foreign defense companies will be welcomed to join our association to build a foundation for increased international defense cooperation in Korea. We expect that foreign company participation in our association can make a meaningful contribution to increasing Korea's defense export in the future. Third, through our research activities, we hope to provide a theoretical foundation for mutual cooperation and growth between large and small companies.

2July 2011
President of
Korea Association of Defense Industry Studies

Hereafter, KADIS will work harder to promote exchanges among our members and further strengthen our cooperation with government, industry and academia. We sincerely appreciate all the support all our members have given us over the years and hope for more active participation to help our association grow further in the future.

Thank you!

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